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Edgecam is the industry leading CAD/CAM system, offering the perfect solution for all your CAM needs.
See NC Ltd. Is run by an ex edgecam applications engineer, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to offer you and your company, first class training and support for your edgecam needs.

The Edgecam services See NC Ltd. can offer include:

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Edgecam training

See NC Ltd. can offer you bespoke edgecam training, we will train you to use edgecam on your parts, no longer do you need to be trained on standards parts, then find it difficult to apply Edgecam to your own components. We can show you the most effective ways to apply Edgecam, whilst passing on a range of tips & Tricks. The training can cover all areas of edgecam, edgecam milling, turning, Wire erosion, part modeller, incorporated into this we can cover toolstore and code wizard.

All training can be carried out either on your site, off site, or at a location of your choice. Contact Us

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Edgecam post processors

The most important part of any cam system is the post processor, ensuring it gives you the correct code every time is essential. If you are editing any part of the CNC Programme, then you need to call See NC Ltd. As we are able to produce you a post processor that exactly matches the CNC output, your users are used to working with, to save you time, money and more importantly stop that fatal machine collision. We can also add machine graphics to your post processor, improving your machine simulation, which in turn will reduce prove out time and reduce scrap. Post processors can be created for all of the commercially available CNC controllers, and all Edgecam disciplines, from turning, milling, wire, through to probing.Contact Us

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Edgecam system set-up

We can install your Edgecam system, or upgrade to the latest version. Set-up your system to share post processors over a network, create a Toolstore using your tools and holders, set-up a feeds and speeds database, or customise job manager reports to create tooling sheets to your required layout. Contact Us

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Edgecam Verification

It is important to ensure that any programmes produced are collision and gouge free, so that you and your operators have the confidence to put the nc programme straight onto the machine tool, with the minimum of prove out. Edgecam contains a great verification tool, we can help train you to get the best out of simulator, add machine graphics to your edgecam post processor, and implement your Toolstore, along with accurate tool holder graphics. Contact Us

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Edgecam strategy manager

With more and more customers looking to use solid models in their manufacturing process, then strategy manager is the perfect choice, it will give you a consistent, reliable, repeatable programming method, that will ultimately give you increased productivity and profitability. Strategies can be created, that will capture your companies engineering knowledge, your engineering standards and methods, and build your companies own strategies. Your milling, drilling and turning methods can be incorporated into the strategies.Contact Us

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Edgecam Automation

Edgecam contains a fantastic macro functionality, that helps eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks, if you do the same tasks day in day out, have families of parts, then let See NC Ltd. Come in and asses your needs, work with you and your engineers to increase your productivity and profitability.
We have an excellent understanding of the benefits this can offer any business, as a key customer of see nc, has fully embraced this technology, every component they produce is automatically and consistently programmed in seconds, thus eliminating any prove out time and scrap, whilst maximising customer service and profitability.Contact Us

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