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See NC Ltd. Provides consultancy services to companies looking to improve methods, introduce new products, or process into production. Or companies looking to introduce new technology such as, Solid modelling, CAM, new machine tools, or just improve productivity of existing equipment.

The process of introducing new technology, or a process improvement project, can have a large impact on in house resources. That's where See NC Ltd. Can help reduce the negative short term impact of such a project, by filling the gap, adding value, and helping to ensure the project completes on time, within budget and meets the required quality standards.

The types of projects we have been involved in include:

Mill Turn and 5 Axis Implementation

With component designs getting ever more complicated, the demand to reduce batch size and throughput times, couple this with the reducing cost of high technology machine tools, has led to a rapid growth of Mill Turn and 5 axis machines. We have many years of practical experience with both Mill turn and 5 Axis machine tools, and can provide impartial advice on machine selection, tooling and fixturing. Then to help with a smooth implementation, we can provide fixture designs, CNC programmes, training and post processors.
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Lean Manufacturing

Changing the way current resources are being used can be a very quick and effective way of becoming more productive. Changing processes to increase productivity does not need huge leaps in technology, or large capital outlay. Before investing in new technology it makes sense to identify that what you currently have is being used effectively, and also identify how changing technology in one area impacts on other areas through the business.
We can audit your manufacturing process and identify areas for improvement, Contact Us.

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CAD/CAM/CAE Implementation

Solid modelling is widely used throughout the design process, by using these solid models within the production engineering and CNC programming departments can significantly help companies become more competitive. Having an integrated CAD/CAM/CAE system will enable design and production engineering activity to take place concurrently, significantly reducing the lead time, of products into production, whilst reducing manufacturing costs.
We have many years of experience working within the CAD/CAM industry and can provide expert advice, and assist with a smooth implementation. Contact Us.

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Project Management

We have been involved in many different projects, producing prototypes, producing initial batches, to the implementation of a machine tool into full production producing a family of parts. These projects have involved a variety of different disciplines, fixture design, stage drawings, tool selection, CNC programming, prove off on the machine tool, training, leasing with the final customer, inspection requirements, and finally passing the process over to production. No matter on the size of your project, from a single toolpath to a complete turnkey project, See NC Ltd. can help, as every project is different. To discuss your requirements, Contact Us.

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Fixture Design

When it comes to designing fixtures that work, there is no substitute for experience, we have many years experience in both the design and use of a variety of fixture types. We can provide fixture designs for a single component operation, family of parts, or a number of different parts. We will design the fixture as a Solid model, and then produce 2D manufacturing drawings for each component, along with a final assembly drawing. Alongside designing your fixture, we can produce manufacturing stage drawings, and CNC programmes for both the manufacture of the component and the fixture components. Provide us with your drawings, or a Solid Model of the parts you require fixturing, and let us design your next fixture. To discuss your fixture requirements Contact Us.

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